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Restaurants (Downtown)

The restaurants in downtown are either fast-food places or expensive upscale restaurants, there's not a lot of "in-between" places (there are a couple of exceptions though). But one thing is for sure, there aren't any good restaurants on Ste-Catherine street between Guy street and Bleury, the restaurants are either greasy fast food or very ordinary deli and steak places (again there are few exceptions here, for exemple Basha's lebanese food or the Commensal (vegetarian restaurant)). Most of the good downtown restaurants are located on side streets : Square Phillips, Peel, Bishop, de la Montagne, Metcalfe, etc or west of Guy street (Le Paris, L'Étoile des Indes, Bombay Palace, etc). Ste-Catherine street is a great place to walk around on... but it's not a place for restaurants.

Some places in the list have symbols next to them, the means that it is a recommanded place, the means that there is a photograph of that place and the means that the place's fact sheet contains a link to their web site.

Basha (Lebanese , $)
Bombay Palace (Indian , $$)
Café de Paris (French Breakfast and brunches, $$$)
Mexicali Rosa (Tex-Mex , $)
Carlo's & Pepe's (Tex-Mex , $)
Le Paris (French , $$)
Peel Pub (Taverns/Pubs/Brasseries , $)
Le Grand Comptoir (French Bistros, $$$)
Entrecôte St-Jean (Steaks Continental, N/A)
Le Commensal (Vegetarian Buffet, $$)
Le Singapour (Singapor Other Asia, $$)
Los Dias (Tex-Mex , $)
Toqué (French Fusion, $$$$)
Le Latini (Italian , $$$)
Osaka (Japanese , $)
Curry House (Indian , $$)
Mikes (Family restaurants/Chains Pizza places, $)
Harvey's (Family restaurants/Chains Hamburgers, $)
Wendy's (Family restaurants/Chains Hamburgers, $)
McDonald's (Family restaurants/Chains Hamburgers, $)
Burger King (Hamburgers Family restaurants/Chains, $)
La Belle Province (Family restaurants/Chains Diner/Cafe, $)
Takara (Japanese , $$$)
Cuisine Bangkok (Thai , $)
Troika (Russian , $$$)
Wienstein & Gavino (Italian Pizza places, $$)
Les Caprices de Nicolas (French , $$$)
Le 737 (French Continental, $$$)
Mount Stephen Club (Breakfast and brunches , N/A)
Le Piment Rouge Windsor (Chinese , $$$$)
Faubourg Ste-Catherine (Food court , $)
Centre Eaton (Food court , $)
Les Chenêts (French , $$$)
Ben & Jerry's (Desserts/Tea rooms/Coffee , $)
Krausmann (Taverns/Pubs/Brasseries , $)
Buffet Maharaja (Indian , $)
Desjardins (Seafood , N/A)
Baton Rouge (Louisiana Family restaurants/Chains, $$)
Dunns Famous (Smoked meat Deli, $$)
NYK's (Seafood Bistros, $$)
Bar-B-Barn (BBQ and rotisseries , $$)
Antep Kabab (Turkish Sandwiches, $)
Chez Cora (Breakfast and brunches , $$)
Kiano (Carabbean Haitian, $$$)
Man-Na (Korean , $$)
La maison hantée (Theme restaurants/Live entertainment , $$)
Promenades Cathédrale (Food court , $)
Place Montréal Trust (Food court , $)
Carrefour Industrielle Alliance (Food court , $)
Place Alexis Nihon (Food court , $)
Complexe Desjardins (Food court , $)
Lola Rosa (Vegetarian , $$)
Mr Ma (Chinese , $$$)
Maison du nord (Chinese , $)
Aqualunch ( , $)
Ben's Delicatessen & Restaurant Inc. (CLOSED) ( , $)
Hello India (Indian , $$$)
Star of India (Indian , $$$)

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