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Le Singapour

Neighbourhood : Downtown
Type : Singapor, Other Asia
Price : $$
Terrasse : No
Delivery : Yes
Bring your own wine : No

Contact and location
Address : 2090 de la Montage, north of de Maisonneuve blvd.
Metro station: Guy-Concordia
Tel. : (514) 288-8898
Email :
Website :
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Your opinions
Review written by CQ
Rating : 3.0/5
In one line : serve dishes from all over asia.
Review : This is really an asian restaurant since you can find dishes from China (hunan, cantonese and mainly szechuan), Thailand, Japan and India. The menu has a lot of varied choices and there are <i>tables d'hôte</i> (i.e. specials) for one, two or four people. The Singapour <i>table d'hôte</i> (there's also a Szechuan <i>table d'hôte</i>) features a choice of soup (the hot and sour is as good as at any other place but not as spicy as usual or as advertized), an entree (two satays - small chicken and beef brochettes - with peanut sauce and two tempura shrimp that were also good), four choices of main dishes (two indian dishes - sambal- and two singapour caris, the beef cari was good - very tender pieces of beef in a sauce composed of coconut milk with cumin and other spices - served with chinese vegetables and steamed rice) and followed with chinese tea and dessert (fried banana and ice cream). So it's a very complete dinner (almost too much for one person) and not too expensive (around $15.00 for dinner, taxes not included... by the way, you should read the bill, it's quite funny and if you are wondering, Jean Chretien is the prime minister of Canada and Lucien Bouchard is the prime minister of Quebec). The decor of this small restaurant is very ordinary (metal chairs and tables with tired table-clothes) but the service is excellent. In conclusion, the choices are varied, the food is good but nothing spectacular and the service is excellent (an very good choice for an inexpensive restaurant downtown).
Date of review : Between 1993 and 2005

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