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Neighbourhood : Downtown
Type : Japanese
Price : $
Terrasse : No
Delivery : No
Bring your own wine : No

Contact and location
Address : 2137 Bleury just south of Sherbrooke street
Metro station: Place-des-Arts (Bleury exit) then walk north (up the hill)
Tel. : (514) 849-3438
Email :
Website :
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Your opinions
Review written by CQ
Rating : 4.0/5
In one line : excellent and inexpensive japanese (no sushi).
Review : You could walk by this restaurant without noticing it but this basement restaurant is great for traditional japanese cuisine. Don't look for a shushi bar or japanese grill, the specialty here is tempura and ramen soup (not the instant soup you buy in supermarkets, the real thing...). The japanese decor is minimal but the service is excellent and quiet. When you come in the door, they greet you with green tea and once you order you get a plate of appetizers composed of marinated bean sprouts, seaweed and spinach. The choices on the menu are varied and most of them include a full dinner (altough it seems that you get a full dinner anyway since we got the appetizers and a dessert eventhough it wasn't mentioned in the menu). The seaweed soup was excellent (clear broth with just enough seaweed) and the "tendon" was also excellent (deep fried shrimps and vegetables in a light batter.. altough I was still hungry after) and the ramen soup is enough for a complete dinner. The prices range from $16.00 for a full dinner (the most expensive) to the ramen soup at $8.75, but the prices are lower at lunch. It's more crowded during lunch hours but almost empty at night.
Date of review : Between 1993 and 2005

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