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Neighbourhood : Downtown
Type : Lebanese
Price : $
Terrasse : NA
Delivery : No
Bring your own wine : No

Contact and location
Address : 930 Ste-Catherine west (2nd floor). There are other various locations.
Metro station: McGill
Tel. : (514) 866-4272
Email :
Website :
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Your opinions
Review written by CQ
Rating : 4.0/5
In one line : the best lebanese fast-food.
Review : Eventhough it's a self-serve restaurant, it rates a 4 because it is the best place for libanese "fast-food". The shish taouk (roasted chicken) and the shawarma (roasted beef) are both excellent (if you can't decide which one to order, try the combo). The falafel are also very good (I would even say above average) as are the desserts (the green things are pistachio if you are wondering...). The main dishes are around $6.00 or $7.00 a plate with rice or fries and hummos (chick pea puree) and a small salad with pita bread ($3.50 for a sandwich version) so it makes for a very inexpensive lunch or dinner. You can also get the sandwich version for about half the price (without the rice, hummos and other trimmings). There are also daily specials and couscous as well as a selection of imported fruit juices. There are other Bashas (there's another one on Ste-Catherine to the west and other at food cours in shopping malls), but this one is as far as I know the original and you can get a window seat which looks over Ste-Catherine so it's worth the detour to go to this one specifically. They also recently redid the decor and use nive colorful plates which makes it more friendly.
Date of review : Between 1993 and 2005

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