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Advertising and services

Here are the services, including banner ads, that we offer :

Banner ads

There are many ad spaces available. There are mainly three types of spaces: super banners (horizontal), big boxes (square) and skyscrapers (vertical) on most pages. Other formats can be available.

Textual listing

You can add a description and keywords to your basic listing for your store or business. This will increase your visibility on both the search engine result page and the category your listing appears in. A description will make your listing more appealing to visitors to the site as it appears next to your company's name. And keywords will assure you that your listing will appear on the search engine result page if a visitor is searching for these words. For more information, contact us.

Graphical listing

The expanded listings makes your listing stand out from the others. These listings contain, in addition to a link to your site and a complete description, the logo for your store or business and pertinent information like phone numbers, addresses, e-mail, etc). Here is an example :
"everything Montreal ..."

The site is more than the largest and most complete directory of Montreal web sites. It also give access to other free service-sites :

  • Montreal apartments is an apartment rental site which has lists of apartments for rent, maps with the location of apartments and a complete search engine.
  • Montreal auction, an hybrid between a classified ads site and an online auction.
  • Montreal rideSharing helps you find or offer a seat to carpool to work everyday for the greater Montreal region.

For more information, contact us by e-mail at info@toutmontreal.comx.

You can, of course, choose the background color, the font and size of characters, positionning, etc. These expanded listings appear in all the categories where your site is listed as well as the search engine results. Six month or a yearly contracts are available. The expanded listing are either in french or english, or both. The unilingual listings are displayed in the corresponding language only but the bilingual listings appears in both the french and english sections. You can also combine expanded listings and preferential placements. Contact us for more information.

Preferential placement

Preferential placement is a way to place your listing, at all time, amongst the first in the category where it is listed. It is always listed before the sites that didn't pay for this service (sites are listed alphabetically). You can see an example by clicking here. Six month or twelve month contracts are available.

Contact us

To obtain any price information on directory or rental listings, please contact Charles Quenneville by e-mail at


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