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Old Montreal
Plateau Mont-Royal
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Côte-des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grace
South-west of Montreal
Other neighbourhoods
Outside the island

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Restaurants (Quartier latin and the village)

Some places in the list have symbols next to them, the means that it is a recommanded place, the means that there is a photograph of that place and the means that the place's fact sheet contains a link to their web site.

Ong Ca Can (Vietnamese , $$)
Nil Bleu (East African , $$)
La Nouvelle Lune Indienne (Indian , $)
Chez Gatse (Tibetan , $)
L'Académie (Italian , $$)
La Paryse (Hamburgers Diner/Cafe, $)
Au Petit Extra (French , N/A)
Euro-Deli (Deli , N/A)
Café Santropol (Sandwiches , $)
Laloux (French Bistros, N/A)
Montreal Pool Room (Diner/Cafe , $)
Pacini (Family restaurants/Chains Italian, $)
DaGiovanni (Family restaurants/Chains Italian, N/A)
Coo Rouge (Louisiana , $$$)
Caféteria ( , $$)
Copacabana (Malaysian , $)
The Main (Deli Smoked meat, $)
La Mer (Seafood , $$)
Café Chaos ( , $)
La Sila (Italian , $$$)
Maestro S.V.P (Seafood , $$)
Buona Notte (Italian , N/A)
Thanh Long (Vietnamese , $)
Yuan Restaurant Végétarien (Other Asia Vegetarian, $$)
Bar Laitier Koco Ma Boule (Ice cream , $)
Place Dupuis (Food court , $)
Pizzelli (Italian Pizza places, $$)

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