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Bars and clubs

Montreal's night life has always had a good reputation. Maybe it's the fact that the last call is at 3:00am (compare to 2:00am in Toronto for example) or that the legal drinking age is 18 (compared to 21 in some U.S. states), or that montrealers love to go out even on week nights. Of course, the fact that Quebec was the only place in Canada or the United States where it was legal to manufacture and sell alcohol during the american prohibition on alcohol of the 1920s also added to Montreal's image of a "party" town and still remains to this day. For all these reasons, there's large number and variety of bars, dance clubs, cafés and hangouts for everyone's taste.

You will find a complete list of bars and clubs in the two sections "bars and clubs divided by type" and "by music played" below. The "bars and clubs divided by type" also contains some recommendations, most just have a short description and the address. As always, a next to the name of a bar or club means that it is recommended. There's also a section describing the different districts and areas where you can find bars and clubs. I have to say that I don't know much about the new bars and clubs in town, so this section is not the most up to date in this guide. Some bars and clubs listed have closed down since they've been added to the guide and the new ones aren't necessarily there so it's always a good idea to call before going. I am trying to keep up but there's a lot of change so always call before going to a bar to check if it is still opened. For more up to date information on bars, visit the MontrealMirror.com's web site (for special events).

Here is what you can find in this bars and clubs section :

General information on bars, clubs and cafes in Montreal
Neighbourhood and areas where you can find the different types or bars and clubs
List of bars and clubs divided by type, bars, pubs, cafes, pool bars, dance club, etc
List of bars and clubs divided by style of music from jazz to punk and techno, etc
List of bars and clubs divided by neighbourhood

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