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From Old Montreal to the Plateau and Chinatown, all the information in this guide divided by neighbourhood with maps.
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Walking tours

Montreal is a great city to visit while walking. Every sight and attraction are close enough together that you can walk from one to the other, and if you are too tired, there's always a metro station or bus line close by. This section contains different walking tours for each district (well... most districts for the moment). The walking tours are sequential series of links to information for the various buildings, museums, restaurants, etc that you will come across if you follow the tour. Some tours are arranged by theme (money, history, etc) but most of them are just geographical.

Here is a list of those tours (just click on their name to go to the tour) :

  • Old Montreal :
    • The basilica and money tour, from the Notre-Dame basilica and its surroundings to the old banks and financial institutions of St-Jacques street.

    • The touristy tour, the most touristy and most visited section of Montreal (for a good reason, there is lots of things to do and see).

    • The history tour, museums, historical buildings, etc.

  • Chinatown, short walking tour on de la Gauchetière street and St-Laurent blvd.

  • That is it for the moment, more walking tours will be added as the guide is completed.

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