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List of bars and clubs divided by type

There's not much difference between bars, cafes and pubs in actuality but there's still one in this guide. Cafes are places where you can hangout with friends and drink beer (they sometimes serve basic food), there's no actual bar there (you know.. with stools and everything) and it's usually for the younger crowd.
Bars serve more than just beer and are usually for the older crowd and don't serve food. Pubs are more like cafés but they have a large selection of imported beers and whiskey and there's usually (but not always) have live music and they usually serve food.
Dance clubs are places... where people dance. There are very varied, some play salsa, other industrial-goth, etc. Most have different style of music on different nights (70's disco one night and techno-rave the other, etc). You should check out the Mirror free weekly newspaper for specific details on each club (the are listed in general in this list because those different nights move around often). If you are looking for information on Montreal's raves, there's the Info-Rave web site.
The lounge fad has finally hit Montreal last year (around 2000). Lounges are places where people sip their martinis, smoke cigars and listen to lounge music, it's a cool-kitsh thing to do.
For cool jazz, there's a list of jazz clubs.
For a laugh (and hopefully for more than one...), there's a list of comedy clubs. There are only two full time comedy clubs, but some bars and cafes have special comedy nights.
If you want to play some pool, there are the pool bars who specialize in table games (mostly pool but also snooker, baby foot, etc).
The sports bars are the places where there's ton of old sports equipment hanging from the walls as decorations and there's dozens of TV screens showing all sorts of games.
Finally, there's the taverns or brasseries which are place that serve food and beer. They are usually for the older crowd, the main thing that differentiate them from cafes and pubs are the decor, the type of people hanging out and they don't play music.

Here's the list of bars and club by type, the means that it is an interesting bar, the means that there is a photograph of the bar and the means that the information contains a link to the bar's own web site (just click on the name of the bar to get more information) :

Cabarets (Live shows)
Comedy clubs
Dance clubs
Live venues
Irish pubs
Sports bars
Taverns, Brasseries
Pool bars

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