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Neighbourhood : Plateau Mont-Royal
Type : Breakfast and brunches, Family restaurants/Chains
Price : $$
Terrasse : NA
Delivery : No
Bring your own wine : No

Contact and location
Address : 198 Laurier street, just west of du Parc ave. (there's another location downtown)
Metro station: Laurier then take the 51 bus west or Place-des-Arts then take the 80 bus north on Jeanne-Mance/du Parc to Laurier street then walk east
Tel. : (514) 278-6411
Email :
Website : www.eggspectations.com
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Your opinions
Review written by CQ
Rating : 4.0/5
In one line : probably the best breakfast place in town but also one of the most expensive.
Review : This restaurant has a great reputation for its breakfasts and brunches, actually it's their specialty. They give great attention to details and it shows in its great decor. Vines, terra-cotta tiles, great chairs and tables, it's a very comfortable place for a breakfast. The crowd is kind of upscale, no truckers with flanel shirts there, but it's not suit and tie either. The prices are also kind of upscale, the breakfasts are either around $4.00 or above $10.00, there's no in-betweens. The "traditionnal" breakfasts offer a great value for the money (they are about $4.00) and include eggs (one or two), grilled potatoes, baked beans, a choice of ham, sausage or bacon, toasts and coffee. The eggs were well cooked (what can you say more about eggs...), the baked bean were ok (didn't taste homemade), the canadian bacon (aka ham) was good but the potatoes and toasts were absolutely excellent. The potatoes were sauted (not fried or hashbrown, more like diced and grilled) and very well seasoned and the toast were made of thick slices of fresh bread. There were also fresh grapes and a slice of cantaloupe on the plate. I also ordered a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice ($3.25!), excellent but expensive (ok, so it was a big glass.. but $3.25!). The other dishes on the menu (crepes, fruit salads, belgian waffles, etc) start at around $9.00 and go up to $15.00 which is expensive for a breakfast place. But you can get away with paying around $6.00 taxes and tip included for the less expensive breakfasts.
Date of review : Between 1993 and 2005

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