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Ste-Catherine street - Downtown

Neighbourhood : Downtown
Type : Interesting street
Year of construction :
Style :
Best : Yes

Ste-Catherine street is the largest commercial street in Montreal, it also gives access to underground shopping malls. The stores on Ste-Catherine mostly sell clothes, shoes, eyeglasses, records (CDs), electronics, etc. They are usually part of large chains (like the Gap, Roots, etc). You'll find also a lot of arcades, video peep shows, movie theaters, fast food places, people on the street corners selling hand-made jewelry, street performers and homeless people people asking for money. But what makes Ste-Catherine most interesting is that most people walking from point A to point B cv use Ste-Catherine street, so there's always a lot of people (especially friday and saturday nights in the summer). The sidewalks are so packed then that you have to walk in the street (which are full of cars anyway... it's bumper to bumper traffic). So Ste-Catherine is mainly a place to look at people while walking or driving (it definitely much more quiet in winter though).

There aren't any good restaurant on Ste-Catherine street between Bleury to the east and Guy street to the west (there are a few notable exceptions like Basha or Le Commensal, the other places are fast food restaurants, all very ordinary). The good restaurants on Ste-Catherine are all west of Guy street (Etoile de l'Inde, Bombay Palace, Chez Pauzé, Le Paris etc).

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