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Mont-Royal Cross

Neighbourhood : Downtown
Type : Monument
Year of construction : 1643
Style : N/A
Best : NA

The cross on the mount royal mountain is made of metal, and was built in 1924. This very large metal structure has 120 light bulbs on each side, and in old times ( back in 1924 ) you had to change the light bulbs by hand. Since then a metal ladder has been added making the job easier. Recently, the system was changed for optical fiber, giving the illusion of light bulbs. Historically, this cross was built because of a special event that happened to Ville-Marie (formerly Montreal at its beginnings). Here's the event : in 1643 there was a flood that was threatening the city of Ville-Marie and the population went to church to pray for the flooding to stop, and they promised that if the flooding stopped they would put a cross on the mount royal. The flood stopped and there was a ceremony and at the times they put a wooden cross on the mountain.
Contact and location
Address :
Metro station: Mont-Royal then take the 11 bus west up Camillien-Houde road
Tel. :
Email :
Website :
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