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Le Petit Moulinsart

Neighbourhood : Old Montreal
Type : Belgian
Price : $$
Terrasse : Back
Delivery : No
Bring your own wine : No

Contact and location
Address : 139 St-Paul west, west of St-Sulpice street
Metro station: Place d'Armes
Tel. : 514-843-7432
Email :
Website : www.lepetitmoulinsart.com
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Your opinions
Review written by CQ
Rating : 3.0/5
In one line : good affordable belgian.
Review : I've always wanted to go to this restaurant in old Montreal but it seemed a little expensive, but for lunch it is very affordable (there are lunch specials between $7.95 and $15.00). The restaurant is described as a belgian restaurant, which are usually associated with fries, beer and mussels but it's about more than that. They do have fries and a large selection of beers (mostly belgian but also other european and local Quebec beers - most restaurants have a wine list or <i>carte des vins</i>, they have a beer list) and mussels but they also serve a large variety of other dishes. That day they had, after the usual entree of soup or salad, a large choice including a salad with quails, seafood au gratin with pastis and the traditional mussels along with half of dozen other choices. I am not familiar with traditional belgian cuisine but it was more french than anything else but considering that Belgium is divided in two (wallon or french and flemish), this is definitely from the french side. <br>I first ordered a large glass of excellent belgian "white" beer (don't ask me the brand name but it has its own page in their selection) and for $4.00, it's even better. <br>I then ordered the soup as the entree and the quail salad. The soup was a rich tomato soup, it was thankfully nothing like the canned tomato soup... it was much better altough it didn't taste that much like tomatoes which is not necessarily a bad thing, not in this case. The salad, on the other hand, was disappointing. The <i>cailles confites</i> (quails preserved in their own fat) were dry and not really warm (they weren't cold either), the rest of the salad was really varied with a different kinds of lettuce and sprouts but the dressing was at the bottom on the plate so you had to dig through to get to it (everyone in the restaurant was asking the waiter for more dressing, they could have included it with the plate). P.S. If you never saw quails, there are very small birds so you don't get too much meat but it's usally more delicate than chicken for example. <br>I will have to make a second visit for a better opinion but so far, this restaurant hasn't lived up to its reputation. As for the service, it was certainly professional. <br>Just in case you were wondering, the name of the restaurant comes from a Tintin comic (written by a belgian author, comic books is one of their main and best known cultural export) and there are various other Tintin memorabilia hanging from the walls but you can find other belgian comic books on the shelves like Gaston Lagaffe). <br>By the way, be careful, the tablecloths are long and tend to get caught in your clothes when you try to get up. It's kind of embarassing when the table starts to tip over as you get up especially when there's a glass of beer on the table (don't worry, nothing was spilled and the fork and knife that fell on the floor were promptly replaced).
Date of review : Between 1993 and 2005

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