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Cristal No 1

Neighbourhood : Chinatown
Type : Vietnamese
Price : $
Terrasse : NA
Delivery : No
Bring your own wine : No

Formerly known as Cristal de Saigon.

Contact and location
Address : 1068 St-Laurent blvd. just south of Rene-Levesque blvd.
Metro station: St-Laurent then walk south on St-Laurent blvd. across Rene-Levesque blvd. (under the arches) or Place d'Armes station then walk east on de la Gauchetière and then north on St-Laurent blvd.
Tel. : (514) 875-4275
Email :
Website :
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Your opinions
Review written by Ft
Rating : 4.0/5
In one line : Les changements.
Review : Depuis leurs changement, j'ai apercu plusieurs différence dans les plats bien que le menu soi le même. Je n'aime plus les rouleau impériau comme avant bien qu'il semble toujours fais à la main. J'ai aussi pris un soupe avec poulet et porc avec les pâte mien, à base d'oeuf. Le bouillon, les pates et le poulet est encore un absolue délice. Pourtant, le porc y étais étrangement sec, la première fois depuis que j'y vais. Malgré tout, cristal n 41 reste le meilleur restaurant à pho que je connaisse.
Date of review : Apr 14 2013

Review written by BL
Rating : 2.0/5
In one line : PLUS TRÈS BON
Review : Je suis un client de plus de 25 ans. Je suis allé à deux reprises depuis sa ré-ouverture en janvier 2013. Je ne retrouve plus les saveurs passées. Le goût n'y est plus. On m'a servi une soupe à l'eau avec quelques légumes dedans. Épouvantable. Une insulte par rapport à l'administration précédente. SVP, retrouvé le chef qui était là auparavant car vous courez à votre perte... Ma fille de 14 ans fait mieux à manger que la chef actuelle. Bonne chance
Date of review : Apr 3 2013

Review written by LVT
Rating : 3.5/5
In one line :
Review : Ce restaurant vient d'etre re-ouvert le 21 janvier 2013 par le frre de l'ancienne propritaire, M. Lam. Ce restaurant appartient a la famille Lam depuis 1986. M. Lam garde la meme cuisine traditionnelle de sa famille, et c'est lui-meme qui acceuille les clients et un nouvel personnel acceuillant. Bienvenus aux habitus de ce restaurant.
Date of review : Feb 16 2013

Review written by MAL
Rating: Just a comment
In one line : le restaurant est ferm depuis novembre 2012
Review : :(
Date of review : Dec 2 2012

Review written by CQ
Rating : 3.0/5
In one line : inexpensive but not the best anymore.
Review : One of the great thing about this place (and other like this) is that they greet you with a tea pot and a cup even before you order (but they don't let much time to order, most people don't even look at the menu and usually order the 41 or 41A). The choices are mainly large soups and noodle or rice dishes, but anyone who have already eaten at a vietnamese soup place know that it's enough for a meal. This place is better known for its noodle dishes (I don't know about their soups). I've eaten there many times : noodle (vermicelli) with two types of porks is great (skin-meat and grilled) and two type of vermicelli (rice and transparent), one type of vermicelli with one type of pork, vermicelli with chicken, etc. You can also have a (really crispy) spring roll on top of it, it's usually the same number of dish but with an A (so 41A is the same as 41, vermicelli with pork, but with a spring roll). All the vermicelli dishes are toped with grated nuts, bean sprouts, cucumber julienne, lettuce, green onions and other garnishes. Great combination. It's especially good considering that they all cost around $5.00 to $6.00 taxes included!<br> Since my first visit, I have visited other similar vietnamese places and found them to be better that Cristal which is unfortunate since they are kind of an institution. The main point which makes Crital less interesting is that they don't grill the meat they put on the noodles, it's tastes more like boiled flavoreless meat. But their springrolls are still the best so my advice is take a "meatless" bowl of noodled with spring rolls.<br> By the way, it's really busy during lunch hour on weekdays.
Date of review : Between 1993 and 2005

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