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Gate of India

Neighbourhood : Plateau Mont-Royal
Type : Indian
Price : $$
Terrasse : NA
Delivery : Yes
Bring your own wine : No

Contact and location
Address : 5195 St-Laurent blvd., corner of Fairmount
Metro station: St-Laurent, then take the 55 bus north
Tel. : 514-277-1515
Email :
Website :
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Your opinions
Review written by MR
Rating : 2.0/5
In one line : Worst Food I've ever tastes
Review : Not an understatement. If there is ONE thing that Indian food shouldn't be, it's bland. Our food had NO taste, NO spice... nothing. It was absolutely despicable. Don't waste your time. This place is horrendous. They don't even deserve to call what they serve "food".
Date of review : Sep 17 2010

Review written by CQ
Rating : 3.0/5
In one line : they make deliveries.
Review : This is a new indian restaurant located in the St-Laurent blvd./Laurier restaurant cluster (there were already three other indian places there). The interesting thing about this one is that they make free deliveries, so I took them up on their offer... To my surprise, the delivery guy was dressed in full maharadja outfit (including the shoes with the curly toes), that's service. I ordered some "bhaji onions" (they call them "Piazzi" on the menu) as appetizers and "Boti Kebab" as the main course. The onions (there were five medium size balls for $2.55) were excellent, lot's of onions, not too much batter and well cooked. The boti kebab ($10.95) was described as marinated lamb cooked in a tandoori oven, but in french it was described as "mouton" which, translated back to english, means mutton... and it was mutton, not lamb (mutton is a little tougher than lamb). The pieces were very tender (for mutton) and cooked in the usual tandoori spices but it was a little cold though. All tandoori dishes come with excellent basmati rice and a very ordinary salad. The other items on the menu are very varied and come from all regions of india (I haven't seen some of those dishes in other restaurant), they have tandoori, biryani, korai and balti dishes (those last two are not served often in other restaurants). I almost forgot (but they didn't), there was a poppadum (sp?) included in the delivery bag... it's those little details that make it interesting.
Date of review : Between 1993 and 2005

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