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Museums (Old Montreal)

Most of the museums in old Montreal are history museum, ranging from the era when Montreal was known as Ville-Marie and was part of the Nouvelle France to the late victorian era and even modern times.

The most interesting museum is the Pointe-à-Callière museum which shows different stages of Montreal's history through archeology. There also other types of museums. For instance, there's a family oriented interactive science center called the Montreal science center in the old Port. There are also some interesting art galleries on St-Paul street.

Some places in the list have symbols next to them, the means that it is a recommanded place, the means that there is a photograph of that place and the means that the place's fact sheet contains a link to their web site.

Cinéma Imax (Sciences)
Archeology and History Museum of Montreal (Pointe-a-Calliere), shows the different layers of Montreal's history. (History)
Bank of Montreal Museum, it's about money. (History)
Centre d'histoire de Montreal, small and light museum of Montreal history from the beginning to the present. (History)
Chateau Ramezay - Museum and historical site in Montreal, presents life in the colonial times. (History)
George-Etienne Cartier Historical House, presents life in Montreal's victorian era. (History)
Island of Montreal and Ile Bizard Police Museum (Military, law enforcement, etc)
Marc-Aurele Fortin Museum (Arts)
Marguerite Bourgeois Museum (Religion)
Montreal Design Institute, showroom for the institute of design. (Arts)
Montreal Science Center (iSci), interactive science center. (Sciences)
World Trade Center, for its piece of the Berlin wall. (Various)

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