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Preparing your trip to Montreal (1)
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What you must know once here (3)
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Montreal restaurants, hotels, bars, museums and much more.
From Old Montreal to the Plateau and Chinatown, all the information in this guide divided by neighbourhood with maps.

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General information

Here's all the information you will need to prepare your visit and while you are in Montreal. This section of the guide is divided in four steps :
  1. Before... The "What to do before coming to Montreal" section, which answers many of the usual questions on visas and passports, temperature and clothes, seasons and weather, money, what can you bring or not bring across the border, etc.
  2. In transit... The second section is the "How to get to Montreal" which gives all the information on airports, the bus terminal, train stations, highways and bridges and ports.
  3. During... The third section contains all the information you'll need to know once you are in Montreal. This is the largest section and is divided in four parts : the "what you must see" section (if you are visiting for just a few days and want to get a general impression of the city), the "what you must know" part (every little detail you need to know including important phone numbers, consulates and a small dictionary), the "how to get around in Montreal" part (covers public transit, driving in Montreal, bicycling, etc) and finally, the "where to get more (free) information" once you are here part.
  4. After... The fourth and final section is a small epilogue and reminds you what to do before leaving.

Here's a quick index of these sections as they appear in the guide:

What to do before coming to Montreal, how to prepare your visit to Montreal, what to bring, etc
How to get to Montreal, by plane, car, bus, train and boat
What you must know, what should not be misses, all the details, getting around, more free information, etc
What you must do before leaving, tax rebates, etc
About this guide, general comments, contributions, etc
About Montreal, a very general definition of Montreal, its directions, its neighbourhoods, etc
A little bit of history

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