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Montreal restaurants, hotels, bars, museums and much more.
From Old Montreal to the Plateau and Chinatown, all the information in this guide divided by neighbourhood with maps.

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Montreal is mainly serviced by one airport for international flights and North American flights. It is the Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Airport (also know as Montreal-Trudeau, formerly Dorval). The Mirabel Airport isn't really used anymore, except perhaps for some chartered flights.

For more information on either airport, call 1-800-465-1213 or go to the Aéroports de Montréal 's web site (it's the company that manages both airports) for flight schedules and detailed information on the airports.

The Montreal-Trudeau Airport offer different services. Fast-food courts, bars, boutiques, 8 different car rental companies, free wireless internet. You can find a map of these businesses on the AdM 's web site. There's also an hotel directly connected to the main terminal, the Montreal Airport Marriott . There are other hotels near the airport that offer a bus shuttle, check out the AdM's web site in the Access and parking section for a list.

Here's a description of both airports (and how to get to downtown from those airports). The prices are updated as of August 2014 :

  • Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Airport (Dorval), which is on the western part of the island of Montreal. There are various airlines that service the Montreal-Trudeau airport. You can visit the Aéroports de Montréal's "destination served" section to get a list of those airlines or for more information on the Montreal-Trudeau Airport, call (514) 633-3105 (or again visit the site).

    There are four ways you can get to downtown from Montreal-Trudeau (and vice-versa) :

    1. with the public transit system (called the STM on the island of Montreal) with the 747 bus line or a combination of bus/commuter train or bus/bus/metro.

      • for the 747 bus line that goes from the airport itself to downtown, you must first buy a ticket (if you do not already have a monthly or tourist card) at the ICE currency exchange for $10 or buy the ticket on the bus (but they do not accept paper money, only coins). This ticket is also valid throughout the STM network for 24 hours. The 747 goes to the Gare d´┐Żautocars de Montréal at the Berri-UQAM metro station but it makes several stops, first at the metro Lionel-Groulx and then on René-Lévesque blvd at the following intersections: Guy, Drummond, Peel, Mansfield, Anderson (Palais des congrès convention center) and St-Laurent blvd. For more information on this line, including a map of the route and schedule in PDF format, please visit the website STM . This line operates 24 hours / 24, 7 days a week.
      • First make sure you got the correct change before getting on the bus, it's $3.00 as of August 2014. Start by taking the 204 bus east to the Dorval commuter train station (make sure you are on the right bus since there's a 204 west that goes in the opposite direction). Then you can either take the commuter train on the Montreal/Dorion-Rigaud line for $5.25 to Lucien l'Allier station (formerly Windsor station) downtown. To see the schedule of commuter trains on that line from Dorval station to downtown, you can visit the AMT web site which manage the commuter trains. The commuter trains mostly run mostly during rush hours in the morning and evening.
        Instead of using the commuter train, you can use your transfer (but keep it for the metro) to take the 211 east or 221 east from the Dorval commuter train station to the Lionel-Groulx metro station (there are other bus lines but they don't go directly to the metro), from there you can take the green line or orange line to Downtown, Old Montreal or the Quartier latin depending on where you are staying (if you are staying at a Plateau Mont-Royal hotel or b&b, better use the orange line). For more information on public transit in Montreal, please visit our "Getting around by public transit section.

    2. with a taxi ride from Montreal-Trudeau to Downtown (or vice-versa). It is a fixed fair of $40.00 for regular taxis, but you can always share a ride (there are also limousine services for $55.00). If you are going somewhere else than downtown, the miniminal price is $17.00. Prices were updated August 2014. For more information on taxis, please visit our "Getting around by taxi section.

    3. by car (rental of course), it's about a 15-20 min. ride to downtown. If you want to go downtown (that's where most of the hotels are anyway), take autoroute 20 east to the Décarie interchange then the 720 east (AKA Ville-Marie highway or autoroute Ville-Marie) then take the Centre-ville / Guy street exit (it will put you on St-Marc street actually which is to the west of the most hotels downtown). The de la Montagne exit is closer to the center of downtown. For more information on driving in Montreal, please visit our "Getting around by car" section.

  • Mirabel Airport, which is about a half hour drive north of Montreal. The are probably some chartered flights left at this airport, so the transportation to Montreal will probably provided for you. Please note that this information is probably not up to date anymore since even the AMT doesn't have a section for it.

    But just in case, there are two ways you can get to downtown from Mirabel (and vice-versa) :

    1. The taxi ride from Mirabel to downtown about of $75, you can always share a ride.

    2. by car (rental of course), it's about a 30-40 min. ride downtown. Take autoroute 15 south down to the 40 (AKA metropolitan highway or autoroute métropolitaine), go west on the 40 until you get to the 15 south again then you can take the Sherbrooke street east exit (that's where most hotels are located) or you can take the 720 east (AKA the Ville-Marie highway or autoroute Ville-Marie) then take the Guy street exit (it will put you on St-Marc street actually which is to the west of the most hotels downtown). The de la Montagne exit is closer to the center of downtown.

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