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Montreal restaurants, hotels, bars, museums and much more.
From Old Montreal to the Plateau and Chinatown, all the information in this guide divided by neighbourhood with maps.

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By bus

The bus terminal (now known as Gare d'autocars de Montréal, previously called Station Centrale and Terminus Voyageur) is located on Berri street, corner of de Maisonneuve (505, boul. de Maisonneuve East) and is serviced by many companies, each with different routes. A limited selection of tickets can be bought online here: stationcentrale.com . For more complete information visit the following web sites:

  • Coach Canada/Trentway-Wagar and Greyhound Canada for Ottawa, Toronto and other locations to the west
  • Orléans Express for Trois-Rivières, Quebec city, Rivière-du-Loup (connections to the Maritimes) and Gaspé, etc
  • Sherbus for Sherbrooke and Magog, etc
  • Greyhound and Adirondack/Pine Hill Trailways for the United States. You can lookup fares and schedules on the Greyhound web site, you just have to specify where you are coming from and that you are going to Montreal PQ, but not all US cities have a direct route to Montreal and they don't give you the indirect connections. But most large northeastern US Cities, like New York, Boston or Washington DC, have a direct route to Montreal.

For more information, visit Gare d'autocars de Montreal (fr) or Station Centrale d'Autobus Montreal (en) on Wikipedia.

The bus terminal is directly connected to the Berri-UQAM metro station. You don't even have to go outside, there are some stairs that go down to the metro station. From there you can take the orange, green or yellow lines (see the metro & buses section). For informations on schedules and prices, you can call 514-842-2281.

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