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Old Montreal
Plateau Mont-Royal
Underground city
Iles Ste-Helene and Notre-Dame
Quartier latin and village
Côte-des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grace
South-west of Montreal
Other neighbourhoods
Outside the island

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Bars and clubs (Plateau Mont-Royal)

Some places in the list have symbols next to them, the means that it is a recommanded place, the means that there is a photograph of that place and the means that the place's fact sheet contains a link to their web site.

Balattou (Dance clubs Live venues, African World beat)
Le Belmont (Dance clubs Bars, Dance music Disco)
Bar St-Laurent 2 (Live venues Bars, Reggae World beat)
L'Autre Bar (Cafes , Jazz )
L'Barouf (Bars , Blues )
Le Dogue (Bars , Alternative )
Café Sarajevo (Cafes , Jazz )
Quai des Brumes (Cafes Irish pubs, Jazz Various)
Bar Blizzarts (Cafes , )
Shed Cafe (Bars Cafes, )
Diable vert (Bars Dance clubs, Various )
Les Bobards (Cafes , Various Rock)
Whisky Café (Bars , Various )
Champs (Sports bars , Various )
Else's (Irish pubs , Various )
Romolo Café (Cafes , Various )
Le Sergent Recruteur (FERMÉ) (Irish pubs , Rock )
L'Escogriffe (Bars , Jazz )

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