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There are, obviously, other districts, neighbourhoods and important sights on the island of Montreal. Here are some of them :
  • Little Italy : you guessed it, it's where there is a concentration of stores and businesses owned by members of Montreal italian community. Its main street is St-Laurent blvd. between St-Zotique to the south to Jean-Talon to the north. There are many italian restaurants with terrasses and food markets along this section of St-Laurent and it's a nice place just to take a walk. Another important sight in Little Italy is the Jean-Talon market.

  • Ahuntsic and Cartierville : a mostly residential neighbourhood, altough the southern section near the Metropolitaine is known as the Cité de la Mode (the fashion district with a lot of clothes manufacturers are located). The most interesting section of this district is located near the des Prairie river (north-east of the Henri-Bourassa metro station), here are the main sights to be visited in that section :
    • Boulevard Gouin and the bike path, a beautiful bike path and park that goes along the riverside.
    • Parc de la Visitation, there is a small island park with an old mill near the riverside (the bike path goes through it).
    • Saut-au-Recollet, one of the oldest village on the island of Montreal with the oldest church still standing (near the Parc de la Visitation).

  • Parc Extension, Villeray, Rosemont, Petite-Patrie and Saint-Michel : all residential neighbourhoods between the Plateau and Ahuntsic. The most interesting sight is the Plaza St-Hubert, a section of St-Hubert street between Jean-Talon to the north and Bellechasse to the south, the sidewalks in this section of the street are covered with a glass roof giving it its distinctive look. Unfortunaly, many stores on this part of the street have closed down and the remaining stores are "all for a dollar" store or thrift stores (with some exception).

  • The Latin american "district" (it's so small, if you blink you might miss it). There are only a dozen stores selling food, clothes, videos and services to the latin-american community but some businessmen want the district to be identified as the latin american district. It is located on Bélanger street between St-Denis to the west and St-Hubert to the east.

  • The outdoor vegetable/fruits markets. In the summer, there are outdoor markets that sell fresh vegetable, fruits and other produce. The main one, and most interesting, is Jean-Talon market in little Italy, near Jean-Talon subway station. They are still in operation in winter, but only the indoor shops are opened. Another interesting market is Atwater market, near Notre-Dame street (Lionel-Groulx metro station).

  • "Ethnic" neighborhoods :
    This section is under contruction....
    • Portugese : rachel/st-laurent west
    • Italian : little italy (st-laurent north... st-leonard, mtl-nord)
    • Asian : chinatown, jean-talon/st-denis
    • Haitian : mtl-north, r-d-p
    • Jamaican : victoria ave., ndg
    • Greek : park ext.
    • Hassidims : esplanade, jeanne-mance, hutchison...
    • Hispanic and south american : st-laurent south of rachel, villeray
    • Little lebanon : boul de l'Acadie (Adonis)
    • French
    • English

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