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Terms of use and privacy policy
Terms of use
• moreMontreal.com isn't responsible for the content of the ads or the apartments listed on the site. moreMontreal.com only displays ads placed by advertisers (i.e. people who place rental ads).

• moreMontreal.com isn't responsible for the validity of the ads.

• moreMontreal.com isn't responsible for any agreements, contracts or leases agreed upon following the contact between a user and an advertiser found on this site.

• moreMontreal.com reserves the right to change an ad's description and criteria if its description or criteria contains inappropriate language or doesn't correspond to the overall content of the ad.

• moreMontreal.com reserves the right to change a message on the message board if the message contains inappropriate language or does not correspond to the criteria mentioned at the top of the "Add a message" form.

• If you place a risk free (commission based) ad, you must pay a commission of 5% of one month's rent if you rent your apartment through our site. You are responsible for finding the source used by the future tenant to find your apartment. By adding your ad, you accept these conditions.

• moreMontreal.com does not refund the ads paid by credit card only if the ad contains a non-modifiable error and only if the request is made within the hour following the transaction. There is no refund for ads paid by cheque.

• You can pay your commission (or pay for your ad) by credit card through our secure payment page (accessible by the Extend and improve your ad, payment function on the main page) or by cheque. Cheques must be made payable to toutMontreal.com and sent to this address: toutMontreal.com enr., CP 55052, CSP Fairmount, Montreal, Qc, H2T 3E2. Make sure that you write down the ad's reference number on the cheque so we can track it.

Privacy policy
• moreMontreal.com doesn't share, sell or give the information recorded using its forms. The information is only used for the display of ads and for sending ad management information to the advertisers.

• The phone numbers are confidential if the advertiser checked the appropriate checkbox on the "Place an ad" form and if the advertiser gave a valid email address.

• The email addresses added through the various forms on the site are kept confidential. They do not appear directly on the site unless the advertiser added it to the ad's description. The email addresses are only used by moreMontreal.com to send ad management information to the advertisers, for example as a reminder of the ad's expiration date or to pay the ad's commission.

• The information on the message board is public and not controlled in any way.

• moreMontreal.com is not responsible for the use of information collected from its site by search engines or third parties.

For more information, contact us by email at apartments@moremontreal.com.