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  • If you have an apartment for rent or to exchange, please add it to the site instead of this message board.
  • If you already have an apartment and you are looking for a roommate, you can place an ad ("rooms and roommates").
  • If you don't have an apartment but want to look for one with an eventual roommate and didn't find anything on the site (by doing a search on "rooms and roommates"), you can leave a message on this board.
  • There's also the possibility to make a request for a rental to the landlords who read these messages. Don't forget to mention the maximum amount you are willing to pay as well as your contact information (email, phone number).
  • You can also add comments on the site, tips and tricks on finding an apartment or on how to deal with landlords.
  • Only the messages that are no more than one week old are now displayed.

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