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Neighbourhood : Westmount
Type : Persian
Price : $
Terrasse : NA
Delivery : No
Bring your own wine : No

Contact and location
Address : 5065 de Maisonneuve blvd.
Metro station: Vendome, then walk east on de Maisonneuve blvd.
Tel. : (514) 488-0400
Email :
Website :
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Your opinions
Review written by CQ
Rating : 3.0/5
In one line : for service with an attitude.
Review : This review was written 5-6 years ago, the restaurant is still open but according to a comment from a reader (Laura-Julie P. - April 2003) there has been changes : "I agree with the serice with an attitue but there IS a menu, about 10 choices and now it's all with pictures. It's by far the best kebab place in town."
I read another critic that described the service at this restaurant as rude, I disagree. I would describe it as service with personality. This restaurant is a small neighbourhood restaurant (so don't expect a great decor). The choices are quite limited, only five choices for dinner all between $7.00 and $10.00 taxes included (there's no menu, the choices are written on a chalkboard). Don't worry if you don't know what to get, the waiter is going to describe the dishes and make suggestions (or make a decision for you whether you like it or not.. I liked it). They serve a large fresh onion and pita bread as appetizer and the dishes come with an opening salad (ordinary iceberg lettuce). Then comes the main dishes, I "chose" an excellent marinated beef brochette served with basmati rice and a grilled tomato. There's also a chicken dish in tomato sauce also served with rice and something called red pearls (the waiter described it as a sweet and sour berry/grape that can only be found in Iran), very good. The servings are large so no desserts were necessary but fresh tea is included in the price (if the waiter asks you if you want tea, better say yes because he won't take no for an answer anyway). P.S. They have something called yogurt flavored soda (!) that wasn't recommended for "non-persians", but still the idea is intriguing.
Date of review : Between 1993 and 2005

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